Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry is one of the most important tests as it helps in identifying the hearing threshold levels of an individual. With this test, the audiologist can determine the type of hearing loss along with the degree of hearing loss.


Pure Tone Audiometry Test is the first steps towards evaluation of hearing loss. This audiometry test is undertaken in a sound treated room, wherein the patient is asked to wear a headphone and a bone conduction headband. The headphones are connected to an audiometer – a machine which produces sounds at different frequencies and volumes. As soon as the patient hears a sound, he/she is asked to respond by hand signals. Our audiologist will immediately make a note of the frequency or at the point you were able to hear. Audiometry test procedure may take 25-30 minutes and after its results are derived, our audiologist will discuss about hearing aids. With this test one can determine a person’s level of impairment and the way to treat it!

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