Hearing Aid Accessories

Gone are the days, when hearing aids were meant to produce sound alone because you can now avail some amazing hearing aid accessories that enhance your listening experience.
Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid has time again proved their worth by showing advancement in technology like wireless hearing aid accessories. Today, with hearing aid accessories, you can stream phone calls, have wireless connectivity, feed audio from TV into your hearing aid, use as remote microphone, etc.

Because hearing aids are meant to be worn daily, they require occasional upkeep to stay in working order. Some of the necessary accessories needed to care for and maintain your hearing aid may be provided by your hearing care provider as part of your hearing aids purchase. Others you may need to purchase separately, and are purely optional.

What is an Earmould?

Many people opt for a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid and it’s imperative for them to wear a hearing aid earmoulds inside their ear. An earmould is a piece of material, which is usually made of silicone or acrylic, and moulded in a way to fit into the exact shape of the ear. It is an integral part of a BTE hearing aid because its design directly affects wearer’s well-being. There is various hearing aid earmolds types and hearing aid moulds prices depends upon the type you choose!

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Hearing Protection

Custom Ear moulds

People who work amidst noisy environment like shooters, pilots, construction workers usually get infested by hearing loss. And to protect them, it’s imperative to wear a protection and one of the crucial types of earmoulds is custom earmoulds. With utmost protection, custom earmoulds give comfort and security too!

Musician Ear Plugs

Musicians are constantly exposed to loud music which leads to hearing loss. So, several performing musicians make use of ear monitors. These monitors are custom-made to provide high level of noise reduction of the surroundings.

Sleeping Ear Plugs

Are you having sleepless nights because of your partner’s snoring? Or staying in a locality that has a maximum level of noise? Then, you can definitely opt for sleeping ear plugs – amazing hearing aid accessories for adults to optimize the unwanted noise for a sound sleep.

Swimmer Ear Plugs

If you are a regular swimmer then you must opt for swimmer ear plugs. Swimming can cause infection and these ear plugs are a perfect solution.

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